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How It Works

An administrative users enters or uploads staff names, and then defines a schedule, the booking dates and appointment dates, number of attendees per appointment, and other booking rules. The time blocks are then defined specifying the start and end time of the appointments and the appointment duration for each block. Typically this takes five to ten minutes.

When the start booking date and time have passed parents can login, add their children to the system and book appointments with each child's teacher(s). The process takes parents only a minute or two to book all their appointments. Admin users can also book appointments for parents who call in.

Breaks can be set by staff users or an admin user can set breaks for all staff. Staff can login to view or print their appointment schedule and appointment reports are available to an admin user for each staff person and overall for all staff.

It is that easy.

What our clients say

Hot Lunches Online

We can't say enough great things about SchoolAppointments! Our teachers love it and our parents are delighted! It's simple to use and it makes everything run smoothly and effortlessly.

- Author

Locker Assignment Online

We are so much more efficient now, and arranging parent-teacher interviews has never been easier. Scrambling to juggle and schedule appointments is now a thing of the past for our school.

- Stephan Bibla - Vice-Principal, Lawrence Park CI (Toronto)

Locker Assignment Online

We only wish we had discovered this years ago!

- Kristina Anderson - Head Secretary Fraser Heights Secondary (Surrey)

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